Once upon a time….

I have to say, I have been one hell of an unlucky guy when it comes to relationships and love. Whether it is bad timing, judgemental ladies, immaturity – what ever hurdle you can think of I have faced them. Now, you are probably thinking that this is just another sob story, this guy is foolish or wrong – to a degree, I think you are right, but let me share my experiences with you and I’ll let you be the judge.

At present I am single. I am 24 years old and live in the beautiful country called Australia. I’ll leave it here. Slowly but surely you will hear about my experiences, learn more about me, my personality and feelings.

You might be wondering at the moment why am I doing this? Well, I am doing this for the people who are facing misfortune in there lives when it comes to love. You are not alone, there are others out there exactly in the same boat because I know that you think “I am the most unluckiest guy (or girl) in the world, no one loves me and no one will never want to be with me”.

This is my experience……once upon a time.

3 thoughts on “Once upon a time….

  1. Oh man, been there, done that, came home with the entire t-shirt collection. After over twenty years of being alone since my divorce, I had begun to accept the realization that I might just be alone for the rest of my life. Like you said, there is blame to go around. I made mistakes and they made mistakes. I wondered if it was a lesson learned too late. I dealt with it and and accepted my fate.

    Then when I least expected it…

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